I discovered my passion for making handcrafted jewellery at the age of 14, during work experience with a local jeweller. After many years working at three independent jewellers, I launched Gavin Mack Jewellery Ltd in 2003. Since then, people from across the UK, and from all over the world have sought my services.

Quality & Value

Each piece of jewellery I create is made to the highest standard, produced in my workshop - located in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, using the finest materials, traditional methods and specialist skills. Because I work alone as an independent goldsmith, in a small workshop, without any staff or team, overheads are kept to a minimum which means you get true value for money, saving up to 50% on high street prices.

As an independent goldsmith, I do not mass produce any of my jewellery. This means I can source and work with high quality materials. Much of the metals used in manufacturing is often imported where you have metallurgist working out the cheapest combinations of alloys to mix with precious metals to make maximum profit. As a result, the gold and platinum alloys produced can be of a lower quality, prone to cracking, and white gold prone to turn yellow when the rhodium plating starts to wear off, due to a low palladium content. To avoid such pitfalls I work with only the highest quality alloys, ensuring my customers receive a top quality jewellery that will last a lifetime.

Unlike manufacturers or a shop, I do not carry much stock, so I do not have the pressure of having to sell what I have bought. Instead, after we have spoken about your budget, I can liaise with my suppliers, most of whom I have worked with and trust for many years. They send me stones in different sizes and qualities that suit your budget. If I am unhappy, I can return the stone and repeat the process until I have found the quality I am after.

Industry Connections

Over the last 25 years, I have built exceptional relationships within the industry so I can pass on these benefits to my customers. I work with accomplished stone setters and hand engravers who only work on one off pieces and no mass production, therefore more time and care is taken to finish every individual item.

Personalised, Bespoke Service

As I work alone as an independent goldsmith, I can focus my attention on my customers, ensuring they enjoy a hassle free, bespoke service. My principle goal is to ensure my customers are 100% happy with their jewellery and the service they receive.

Every commission I undertake is done according to each individual customer’s needs and requirements. I take great pride in providing a personalised, truly custom-tailored service to my clients, working closely with each customer to design their perfect jewellery, keeping them involved throughout the design and production process, ensuring the customers’ satisfaction.

Excellent Customer Service

I believe in providing excellent customer service from the moment you contact me. As a customer of Gavin Mack Jewellery you will only ever speak to me. I provide expert, specialist advice at every stage of the process, from helping you to articulate your vision for the perfect piece of jewellery, helping you with the design, right through to how best to care for your much-loved, finished jewellery piece. Along the way, I will stay in touch and keep you up to date with how your jewellery is progressing. With the service I provide for you, you will feel safe in the knowledge that your jewellery is being crafted or remodelled to your individual requirements, within your budget and the agreed timeframe.

Returning Customers

With the utmost care and attention and never compromising on quality, I provide a highly professional, reliable and personalised service and take great pride in ensuring that my clients are 100% happy with their chosen jewellery. I am honoured to have many returning customers (please see my customers’ reviews) and recommendations remain my principal source of new business.

Long-Distance Consultation Process

Since establishing Gavin Mack Jewellery Ltd in 2003, my customers have contacted me from all over the UK and in more recent years, thanks to customer referrals and the internet, I have increasingly been contacted by people living abroad, as far as the USA, Dubai and Malaysia.

I have also completed commissions for people serving abroad in the armed forces, creating the perfect piece of jewellery for their loved ones at home.

In order to provide the best customer service to my clients living further afield, I have developed a long distance service, in which I offer consultations via WhatsApp.

After an initial consultation over the phone to discuss your needs and agree the project and time frame, I will progress the work keeping you up to date with details, drawings and pictures of selected stones and the process of the design. This way, we can work to a timeline that suits your circumstances and keep in touch regularly so that always know how your item is progressing, just as if you were in the UK.