Corporate & Bespoke Gifts

Custom made corporate and bespoke gifts, hand crafted to your specification.

Need a gift to hand out at a corporate function or just want something unusual for a friend or partner? With my bespoke gifts you can create that perfect piece. Want me to create the ideal gift for you then please contact me.

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21st Birthday - Personalised golf ball marker.

A customer wanted a banana ring.

For a couple who love to travel.

I created a bespoke dumbbell pendant for a Gym.

A custom made belt buckle for a local Oxfordshire racing team 'Witter Racing' for their promo belt.

A pair of custom made chess pieces.

A custom made brooch.

I created some bespoke logo embossed cufflinks for Cyberhomes employee

A weight plate for someone who enjoys going to the gym.

A customers sentimental bone fragment made into pendant.

A customers beloved dogs actual paw print scanned and engraved.

A medieval sword pendant.

Made for a mother and the two butterflies represent her twins.

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