I recently purchased his and her wedding bands from Gavin, my engagement ring is very unique in its shape but Gavin designed me a perfect ring to fit,that is beautiful.My partners ring was a typical band but the work that has been put into making it is fantastic.both rings are very heavy and great value for money.Do not waste your time on the high st. go for hand made/designed with a personal expert touch,i am glad i did.
Date of Posting: 06 January 2010
Posted By: Steff Barson & Les Hancock
Our experience of Gavin Mack Jewellery has been exceptional. From the initial meeting and consultation Gavin shared a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and making wedding rings/bands. I have an emerald cut diamond engagement ring with a band that had a rare curve to its shape. Gavin was able to make the wedding band so it matched the engagement ring perfectly. The attention to detail was exceptional. Gavin was also able to engrave, by hand, the date of our wedding on the inside of the wedding band. I would recommend Gavin Mack Jewellery for all your wedding (and non wedding) jewellery requirements. It is nice to know that such a genuine guy still makes all of his jewellery with traditional methods, making the end product that bit more special.
Date of Posting: 29 November 2009
Posted By: Sophie Markham
We have just brought a his and hers wedding band from Gavin and we are over the moon. His attention to detail was amazing right from the start. Natalie has a platinuim engagement ring so we wanted to stay platinum. At the first visit Gavin drew some designs to fit around the claw and diamond and showed us some designs he had brought home with him. Gavin then took away Natalies ring and made a wax model of what we had asked for. This helped so much as we could judge what the rings would sit like together. He also straighten one of the claws and gave it a polish, it looked brand new again (free). After chatting about what diamonds would go where we agree to purchase these rings. His - platinum 6mm medium weight and Hers - platinum 2.5mm with 7 diamond. Two weeks later and the rings were ready and they were beyond our expectations. Natalie was looking at hers sparkle all the way home.
Overall i would definitely recommend Gavin as he is an expert in his field. Also he puts so much attention to detail into his work. His prices are definitely the icing on the cake as after much searching and quotes from jeweller he was the cheapest by a good couple of hundred pound. Gavin is not a pushy sales man and he will tell you anything you ask about jewellery. We are going back to him for our bridesmaid/bestmans presents which we discussed when pick up the rings. The best bit of advise we could give if your looking for jeweller is give Gavin a call.
Date of Posting: 17 November 2009
Posted By: Ashley Worrall & Natalie Hobbs

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