I could not recommend Gavin enough, he had been amazing! Looking for a ring was actually a very daunting and quite isolated process. I tried to read a lot about different types of metals and gems. In addition I knew I wanted to find a ring which is understated but elegant. This is because my girlfriend (now fiancée) doesn’t wear jewellery and doesn’t want anything too bright and sparkly. I knew I wanted a sapphire ring though, however most sapphire rings come with diamond, apparently to make it sparkle more - I wanted the opposite, what a mission!
As we live in Birmingham, it made sense to check out the Jewellery Quarters as I know my girlfriend would want to support local businesses, however I couldn’t find anything which isn’t too bright or too contemporary. I even looked online and found a place in the Cotswold; as the jeweller sold ethical jewellery, however the prices were over my budget and I didn’t feel that my requests were heard (ring size measurements were not aligned, gem shape wasn’t what I wanted). I even checked out London, but I found them too impersonal and was always pushing for me to go for palladium (even though my girlfriend said she doesn’t want palladium). Anyways I thought I’ll look online again for custom made rings in Birmingham and found Gavin! He was very quick at responding back to me and listened to my request.
He gave me a selection of sapphires to choose from and told me, from his experience and knowledge, which are the better quality ones.
The estimated cost was also around my budget so it worked out well.
I liked the fact that he is based in the jewellery quarter as that is special for the ring. I also came to realised that I was putting too much emphasis on making sure the materials were ethical, however Gavin had helped me understand that he uses recycled metal and that is as ethical as he can get. Which is true because Fairtrade platinum doesn’t actually exist. It is also difficult to trace the gem’s origin too but he found out from his supplier where the gem is sourced. I read up enough to know that gems from that area are mined under strict conditions. I felt that other jewellers tries to use the word Fairtrade to charge more and not being entirely honest that it is limited to how ethical these material can reach. With Gavin it wasn’t like that. He is a honest and knowledgable jeweller who is keen to make the best ring at your request. He didn’t make me feel that i was asking stupid questions throughout the way; which is very nice of him, as I was completely lost most of the times.
I fully recommend Gavin, he is very down to earth, good designer and jeweller. I like that he isn’t part of a large mainstream jeweller and is a small local business.
Date of Posting: 31 March 2019
Posted By: Selina
After being given my grandmothers diamond ring, we wanted to find a jeweller who specialised in reworking old jewellery into new pieces. After scouring online and reading reviews, we eventually found Gavin who already had an excellent reputation and many positive testimonials. Initial contact was very simple and Gavin very kindly agreed to meet on a Saturday to discuss what we wanted. Gavin was very patient and helpful during this time, as we weren’t sure what style we wanted ourselves. Once this has been decided upon, mock ups seen and a timeline established we left very happy and would return in a couple of weeks to pick up the ring. Staying in contact with Gavin during this process was very easy, quick and always a pleasure. We met Gavin in Birmingham to pick up the ring and we were immediately struck by the excellent quality and craftsmanship that had gone into the piece, alongside the fact that Gavin hadn’t compromised on build quality or detail. We left very happy and upon deciding we needed the ring to be a touch smaller, Gavin again very quickly sorted this and was again incredibly flexible in arranging meetings. Working with Gavin is a real joy, he is very friendly, professional and knowledgable and we would instantly recommend him to anyone, the ring really is absolutely stunning and far exceeding our expectations
Date of Posting: 12 March 2019
Posted By: Callum Pollendine
Working with Gavin was so easy and such a joy. He returned my email enquiry with a phone call and was so knowledgeable about his craft that I felt instantly reassured that he’d exceed my expectations. Although a simple design, Gavin phoned me at each stage of the design, making and engraving process and frequent photos were sent to show progress and confirm that my vision was the same as his. The final product was amazing and I wear it with pride daily. Thank you for surpassing my hopes in making a memory that I can wear.
Date of Posting: 17 February 2019
Posted By: Alexandra
It’s a bit like having a bespoke suit made for you compared with buying off the peg. No shiny showroom, no glossy sales people; instead you pay for the gold, the stones and the expertise.

My wife’s engagement ring was not well designed, so after less than 10 years we had to have it remade. Gavin gave us a great deal of advice, valuable suggestions and sent us detailed designs to approve. My wife is delighted with the ring.

It may not be for everyone, but I enjoyed getting a peek behind the scenes of the Jewellery Quarter and some insights into ring design from a talented expert.
Date of Posting: 12 February 2019
Posted By: Rik Pipe
Celebration of our 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Ken and I wanted to mark this special occasion and so Ken came up with the fantastic idea of exchanging gold wedding rings to be worn on our right hand. After a lot of research Ken came across Gavin Macks in the old Jewellery Quarter. We have not been disappointed. Gavin showed us various designs and in the end we went for an engraved pair of rings with letters K and A inserted into hearts with 50 in between. Throughout Gavin was just perfect. We are extremely pleased with his workmanship and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.
Angela and Ken Martin
Date of Posting: 04 February 2019
Posted By: Ken and Angela MARTIN

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